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Sash Window Repairs

Classic Sash Restoration is a local company based in Harrogate and has over 20 years experience working with sash windows from the smaller terraced house to the larger period property.

What We Do

On installation day all rooms will be covered with dust sheets and any delicate items removed from the room.


Sash Window RepairsMost of the work will be carried out inside the property therefore eliminating the need for scaffolding.
The staff beads and parting beads are removed and top and bottom sash taken out. The weights are removed and the pulleys are checked and serviced or replaced if needed.

Any build up of paint is burnt off from the window box if required and all repairs or replacements are carried out. The sashes are then planed to fit and any reglazes or repairs are done. The sashes are weighed to ensure correct balanced with weights and window box recorded. All work is primed.


Sash Window RepairsSash Window Repairs

The draught proof system is then installed and bottom sash planed down to fit. New catches and sash lifts are fitted if required and finally new staff beads with brushes fitted. You now have a smooth operating window with draughts eliminated and noise levels reduced.

At the end of each day we will tidy up and leave your property secure. Customers may be required to provide a skip. We are happy to discuss with you the progress of the work at any stage.


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How to get in touch.

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