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Sash Window Repairs

Classic Sash Restoration is a local company based in Harrogate and has over 20 years experience working with sash windows from the smaller terraced house to the larger period property.

The Sash Window

The sash window as we know it today can be traced back to the 17th century and early examples first appeared at Chatsworth House, Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace.


Sash Window RepairsGeorgian sash window design was typically six over six panes as producing larger panes of glass had not been perfected. As glass techniques improved over time victorian sash windows were fitted with larger single or double paned windows.

The sash window has been refined over the years and today can be seen in all sorts of shapes and sizes. With the Classic Sash Restoration draught proof system we can eliminate all those common draughts and rattles ensuring a smooth opening and closing window.

Common Sash Window ProblemsSash Window Repairs

The most common problem with today's sash windows are draughts and rattles. This can be a result of ill fitted sashes and gaps around the frame. Another problem is heavily painted windows which then become difficult to pull open and close shut. Where neccesary we will burn off the old paint ensuring better fitting sashes.


Over time pulley wheels can break or sieze up making it extremely hard to open the window often resulting in the sash window cord snapping. Weights are often under or over weighted again making it difficult to operate the window. This can be as a result of new heavier glass being fitted and the weights not being re-balanced. All sash cord is renewed and weights rebalanced.

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